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Our goal at the Hub is to inspire, inform and empower people through providing education, resources, referrals and implementation of new and emerging business tools and technology. Our plan is to develop and cultivate personal and professional development opportunities. We believe in the open source community commons principles. We will strive to further the cause of freely available information and technology through a transparent process, working both locally and globally to share information and to bring new ideas into our focus in our daily lives.

Need an office environment committed to serving the community? We have what you need. We are committed to serving the community and its members. We have multiple levels of shared work space available. It's time to come together and connect with others to conduct business with a new approach.

Are you currently working out of your home or car? Professionalism is about the up most importance to your business. Having a place to hang your professional hat and serve your clients is easily attainable by participating in a shared work environment. You don't have to work alone any longer.

Networking Events & Seminars
Furnished Offices


Connecting People - Connecting Communities

Established 2017 


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